About Us

About Us

We provide 360° media solutions with a multicultural point of view. Our sweet spot is servicing ad agencies by providing them with media scale and innovation while helping fine-tune their strategy based on insights gleaned over two decades of planning and executing multicultural campaigns.

We recognize how culture influences the decision-making process of consumers and we strive to help advertisers activate multicultural audiences in a thoughtful manner and with thought-provoking creatives.

Naturally, we can advise all our clients on the most effective media to use case by case. The price-visibility ratio in ethnic media is superior to that of the mainstream, if you are looking to reach all Canadians, our media are a must.

Throughout the years, Ethnique Média Inc. has accumulated expertise on multiple levels:

First, by communicating and establishing connections with these media.

Secondly, by closely following their evolution.

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