Just under 7 million individuals living in Canada identify as a member of a visible minority group.

This represents almost 20% of the total population of Canada.


Media planning is the process of strategically selecting a mix of media platforms to place ads over a period of time in order to achieve an advertiser’s campaign goals.

There are several steps to a media plan:

• Audience research. What is your target audience? How does your target audience shift by medium? Since consumer behavior varies by demographic, planners are tasked with identifying which mediums will be the most effective for a particular campaign

• RFP the market place. What percentage of your campaign will be devoted to which types of buys, from display to search, and beyond? As a professional drdcleaningsolutions.com office cleaning company, planners figure out which mediums will be the most effective, they will allocate media dollars accordingly to achieve the strongest results

• What percentage of your spend will be on guaranteed inventory versus non-guaranteed (RTB)?

• Cross-media client budget authorizations. Are you complying with the authorized amount? Are you tracking authorized spend vs planned spend?

• For guaranteed inventory, the planning stage may include sending RFPs (requests for proposals) to suppliers you are interested in including in your campaign. For inventory you’ve purchased before, you can also purchase premium, guaranteed inventory at your own established rates without needing to RFP, by purchasing programmatically (automated guaranteed)


Visible minority population per metropolitan area (2011)

Visible minority populations per metropolitan area (2011)

Source: Statistics Canada, National Household Survey, 2011

Visible minorities in Canada (2013)


Source: Environics Analytics Demostats, 2013

Projected growth of largest ethnic groups in Canada (2008 – 2031)

Projected growth

Source: Environics Analytics Demostats, 2013