About Us

About Us

Ethnique Média Inc. was born at the crossroads of two phenomena: Canada’s multiculturalism in which all cultures have a place in the country’s mosaic, and secondly, advertisers’ acknowledgment that mainstream media do not reach the ethnic portion of the population.

However, each year, this portion increases by 250,000 new Canadians, which translates to 2,500,000 new consumers in a decade.

Evidently, neo-Canadians have access to media in their mother tongue; a deeply established sense of self-determination prompts people from the new continent to re-create a media world with which they identify. Multiple studies ascertain new-comers’ extraordinary attachment to these proliferating media.

Naturally, we can advise all our clients on the most effective media to use case by case. The price-visibility ratio in ethnic media is superior to that of the mainstream, if you are looking to reach all Canadians, our media are a must.

Throughout the years, Ethnique Média Inc. has accumulated expertise on multiple levels:

First, by communicating and establishing connections with these media.

Secondly, by closely following their evolution.

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